Rely on Us for Window Film Installation

Want to protect your valuable furnishings from the harmful rays of the sun? Call A+ Window Cleaning for window tinting and block out harmful UV rays from entering your property. Sun’s rays can mercilessly fade your furnishings like hardwood floors, carpets, and leather sofas.

Our high-grade window films can safeguard your home furnishings without compromising the comfort. These window films can effectively cut down annoying glare without affecting your view. Get a more comfortable living environment with reduced amount of solar heat penetration.

Window Tinting

7 Reasons to Get Your Windows Tinted

Not yet convinced about installing window film? These 7 reasons will definitely entice you to get your windows tinted:

  1. Reduce heat: You can reduce up to 81% of the heat with tinted as windows as compared to untreated windows. Window films can effectively control the effects of solar energy.
  2. Decrease the chances of fading: Don’t let the solar radiation fade away the brightness of your home furnishings! The film will act like a sunscreen and block 98% or more of its harmful rays.
  3. Cut down glare: Cut down annoying glare caused by sunlight, reflection from snow, water, or surrounding buildings with window film.
  4. Save energy and improve comfort: Balance the interior temperature with an effective window film solution and save on your utility bill. Many companies even offer rebates for window film installation.
  5. Increase safety: Shattered glass can be a hazard when vandalism or accidents happen. Window films can make you feel safe and secure.
  6. Improve appearance: Create a gratifying, smart look and enhance the appearance of your commercial or residential property with window film products.
  7. Fast and hassle-free installation: Window film installation is fast, completely hassle free and easier than replacing the glass. It won’t even disrupt your work schedule or daily lifestyle.